Theatre Workshop at Kochi Muziris Biennale 2022-2023 Kochi, India

Image courtesy : Kochi-Muziris Biennale

Deconstructing our Ritual Selves;
Theatre, Community, Inclusiveness

14-15-16-17 February 2023
ABC Art Room, Cabral Yard

This four-day intensive theatre workshop is designed to work on the theme of body deconstruction and on the notion of ritual. How can making art contribute to building social and cultural bridges between different individuals in a particular context (the Biennale in this case)? How can we work on the notion of community by creating a common language through theatre? Participants worked on a variety of artistic possibilities and explored the element of inclusiveness. The workshop ended with a public performance.


Morning: Warm-up exercises from toe to head / Exploring the workspace through games / Working with small groups on rituals: when the ordinary becomes extraordinary

Afternoon: Experiencing 4 Biennale installations at Aspinwall House / Nourishing our creativity / Collective attention / Physical and mental stamina / Preparing the body for the performance / Song


Morning: Warm-up from head to toe / Working in nature / Breathing / Diaphragm and Solar Plexus / Group rituals

Afternoon: Procession from Cabral Yard to Pepper House, singing / Experiencing Biennale installations / Rituals performed at Dutch Warehouse / Procession back to Cabral Yard, humming


Morning: Warm-up from toe to head / Sound tunnel inspired by the installation “Chorus” / Separating rice from lentils (inspired by the Marina Abramović Method)

Afternoon: Procession from Cabral Yard to Aspinwall House / Public Rituals and Sound Tunnel for the public / Experiencing the outdoor installations


Morning: Warm-up from head to toe / Preparation for the afternoon parade and performances / Preparation of board cards in both English and Malayalam

Afternoon: Parade and performances in different Biennale venues and at Vasco da Gama Square, in Kochi streets



“I had the chance and the privilege to attend the first day of Margherita’s workshop on deconstructing our ritual selves. For me, it was a revelation. Using embodied experiences to address deep social incongruences is simply genial. The more significant moment for me was the group exposure to art, which left me with a strong gut feeling of belonging but also of space to consider and appreciate diversity. Best of all was Margherita’s talent to create that space where you feel suddenly alive and eager to explore… the realms beyond rituals (selves)! Bravo!”
Olivier, neurologist, France

A happy soul who conducted an intensive workshop which helped bring together people from different walks of life together with some daily rituals.
She used inspiration from art installations at the Biennale and put some spin on these daily rituals and helped churn out some performance pieces. 

She embodied the true spirit of theatre performer by being inclusive and even encouraged audience members to join in on the action.”
Akhil Jose, comedian, Kochi

“Margherita’s intense theatre workshop gifted me new Brain muscles that is unknown for me from ages. I will suggest every great actor to go through her guidance.
Thank you Margherita Mam”,
Sivaraj, cinema actor, Kochi